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Over the past few months, I have experienced a dawning awareness of a bad habit in my life.  One may even go so far as to call it an addiction.  And I believe that God is calling it by its real name… IDOL.

What is this horrible distraction in my life?

TECHNOLOGY.  More specifically, smart phones and the Internet.

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On a basic level, these things are not inherently bad for me.  They can be useful tools – when kept in their proper place in my life.  But I haven’t left them in that place.  Instead I have elevated them to a level of high importance in my life, even allowing them at times to displace my priorities of caring for my husband and children.  And let’s not mention how I have let them distract from my relationship time with the Lord.

Well, God loves me too much to leave this situation as is.  He has gently been drawing my attention to the problem.  As always, He has the solution… and this time He has chosen to communicate it to me through a unique (and rather ironic) medium: the online community.  More specifically, the wonderfully supportive bloggers in the Allume community.

I love how God works day and night, “behind the scenes” as it were, to orchestrate answers to our questions before we even ask them.  As He has been revealing to me the need to reduce my wasted technology time, He has also been working in the hearts and lives of two wonderful women who have issued invitations to join them in their pursuits of holiness during the month of June.

Logan @ Life for Dessert

In her post on the Allume blog, Logan shared very openly about her need to seek the Lord in a focused manner and invited those of us in the Allume community to join her in a 21-day fast.  This was my first clue that God was about to nudge me into action.


Sarah Mae’s “home” on the Internet

A couple of days later, Sarah Mae issued the 31 Days to Clean Reboot challenge.  (See the original post here.)  I knew immediately that this was a challenge meant for me, since I now realized that the time I waste on the Internet could be used pursuing a deeper relationship with my Savior AND keeping a neater house.  You see, we have been living in this house for almost two years.  I don’t think it has even been really clean in those two years. There are many reasons for that, and some of them have been out of my control, but I know I could be doing more.

So, to sum up:

My Father God loves me too much to allow me to let technology remain as an idol in my life.  He has been working through other Christian women to give me the motivation and tools I need to begin the work of cleaning out my heart, head, and house.  I have a feeling that June is going to be a month for pruning and growth in my life, and I’ll be sharing more about this journey here – to hold myself accountable and to solicit your prayers!  I know I will need them.

How has God been working in the background to get your attention?  Have you taken time to really listen to what He is saying to you about your use of time?  What comes to mind when you hear the word “idol”?

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