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Welcome to the first weekend of 2012!  The pressure is on… how do we make it great????

Here are a few ideas for things to do this weekend.  Some are practical, some are fun – hopefully you will be inspired by at least one of the following…

  • Swap out summer clothes for winter clothes.  Some of you who live in colder climates have probably already done this, but here in the South, we are just now enjoying our first cold snap of the winter.  I usually pack up all my summer clothes that I will not use as layers in the wintertime.  I label the box, and put it in a closet, where it stays until spring.  I also do this when warmer weather arrives, taking my heavier winter clothes and storing them in the same manner.  This is also the best time to thin out your wardrobe.  Be honest with yourself – as you handle each item, ask yourself, “Did I wear this recently?  Will I really use this next season?”  If not, give it away.
  • Make good on your New Year’s resolution to volunteer.  Make this the weekend that you go seek out those opportunities to help in your community.  Not sure where to begin?  Check with local organizations like churches, children’s homes, animal shelters, and homeless shelters.  You can also contact United Way, Red Cross, or Salvation Army for more information on their volunteer openings.  Local schools and libraries usually welcome volunteer help as well.  Nursing homes, Boys and Girls Clubs, and nature centers are also good places to check with. Just remember – pray through and weigh your obligations before you add a new commitment to your calendar!
  • Plan your event calendar in advance.  Do you hear about a concert, play, or conference and think, “I wish I had known about that so I could have attended!”  Well, now is a good time to check out local calendars and make note of upcoming events.  Good websites with which to start: city; civic center; convention center; concert/sporting venues; schools and universities; newspapers.  Also, as the year progresses and you hear of events you missed, make a note on the calendar – then, when you transfer information onto next year’s calendar, you can mark it so that you won’t miss it again!
  • Send someone a note of thanks or encouragement.  There’s nothing like receiving a card in the mail to brighten your day.  We all know at least one person who needs our support or deserves our thanks – don’t put it off!

Have a blessed and safe weekend – we have our son’s birthday party planned for Saturday, so we will have a very busy, fun weekend!