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Today, let’s discuss information you can use to save money on your holiday grocery bill.

First of all, Kristin over at Couponing to Disney shared this great list – it’s a round-up of Thanksgiving Dinner ingredients deals from seven different chain stores.  Cuckoo for Coupon Deals put the list together, and it’s even printable – thanks so much!

Secondly – did you know that you can freeze milk for later use?  Let’s say you’re going out of town for Thanksgiving, and you have half a gallon of milk in your fridge.  You know it won’t still be good when you get back, but you don’t want to bring it with you and you don’t plan to pour it out.  Just write the number of days left before it expires on the jug with a marker and place the jug in the freezer.  When you return, thaw out the milk, and you know how many more days you have before it goes bad, because it’s written on the jug!

Finally, check expiration dates on items when you are shopping.  Be especially careful when shopping sale and clearance items.  Use your best judgment as to what products can be used safely for a few days (or weeks depending on type of product) after the expiration date.  Check seals and product condition carefully.  And be honest with yourself – will you really use 10 boxes of cake mix that are due to expire by next week?  If you end up tossing items out of your pantry in a couple of months because they’re too old, then you haven’t saved any money or time.

Have fun, and enjoy your Thanksgiving week!  Think of three people for whom you are thankful – and tell them so!  It will make their day.  I’m thankful for everyone who reads my posts.