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I’m running a couple of days behind on my thankfulness posts – but that’s not because I’m not thankful!  I’ve just been really busy this week.  With such a jam-packed schedule, it would be easy to get frustrated without a sense of humor……

Day 15 – I am grateful for humor and laughter.

You would have to live a day in my shoes to understand exactly how valuable humor is in my life.  Without it, I would definitely be crazy.  Not the “Oh, we definitely have to invite her to the party – she’s crazy!”  crazy.

No, I mean padded-cell, no sharp objects allowed crazy.

God knew we would need some light-hearted fun in life.  So he gave us a sense of humor.  Some more than others… but that’s for another post.  I am so grateful for my sense of humor, because I think it helps me to be a better mom, wife, and friend.  It even helps me to be a better citizen – finding something to smile about when I’m stuck in the slowest check-out lane in the grocery store helps me not to lose my cool.

My dad has a wicked sense of humor.  One of my best friends has a dry sense of humor.  My son has a silly sense of humor.  And my husband has a practical-joke sense of humor (not my favorite variety but I love him anyway).

So, I will leave you with something to make you laugh (or at least smile):

My son was watching Sid the Science Kid, and they were discussing the five senses… so my son says, “What about the sense of humor?” Gotta love that kid!