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Thanksgiving Day is a week away.  Where did the time go?  I am always struck by how quickly time seems to pass.  God is teaching me to slow down and live in the present, instead of always trying to rush toward the future.  With that in mind, here are some ideas to consider when making your weekend plans…

  • Pinned ImageDo you have school-aged children?  Now is the time to plan what you will do during their Thanksgiving break from school. Pinterest has some good kids’ craft ideas (let me know if you need an invite to join).  Family Fun has ideas for Thanksgiving-inspired crafts, as well as printable activity sheets.  And check out this list of printable “Pilgrims-and-Indians” pages from Crystal over at Surviving a Teacher’s Salary.
  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving PosterWatch a favorite holiday movie.  I know we will be watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  My son loves to watch this cartoon over and over again – and the DVD also has an animated story of the Mayflower voyage and the Pilgrim’s first winter featuring the Peanuts characters.  “The Mayflower Voyagers” is entertaining and educational – last night at Awana club, my son gave his class a history lesson about the Pilgrims, and I know he learned almost all those facts from this DVD!
  • Make plans to visit an elderly neighbor, a nursing home, or a “shut-in” person in your community during the holiday season.  Find out if there is a chore you can do for them, or something special you can bring from the grocery store or mall.  Ask them about how their family celebrated holidays when they were children.  You’ll most likely be entertained and you may even learn a little bit about the “good ol’ days.”

I pray that you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday week.  Honor God in all that you plan and all you do, and you will be blessed as you glorify Him!