Best Buy #281 - The Night Before 'Black Friday'

Image by Croixboy via Flickr


This year, retailers are counting on the holiday season to help their profit margin, and of course they are all fighting to gain a piece of the Black Friday pie.  I have noticed that many stores have already released their Black Friday ad, so those shoppers who are planning to brave the madness can get a head start on planning.  (My plan: stay in bed until the craziness is over.)

Did you know that there is a website dedicated to Black Friday? Daily Updates Actually, I’m sure there’s more than one if you look hard enough, but I found one that has all the Black Friday ads posted.  BlackFridayAds.net has an impressive amount of information, and as more ads are released, they are quick to update the site.

Plan your route – store hours are different this year.  Walmart Black Friday AdWhere in past years 4 a.m. was early, this year the stores are once again pushing the envelope and opening at midnight… WalMart is getting a jump on everyone and beginning their Black Friday sales on toys, home, and apparel at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving.  So be sure to pay attention to advertised hours as you plan your stops.

Most importantly, remember your manners and who you represent.  

Each year, the news media tells us of stampeding shoppers and injuries to store patrons.  Let’s choose to not be one of “those” shoppers.  There is no toy, no electronic gadget, no savings so important that is causes a person to lose sight of common courtesy.  We are always on the job as God’s ambassadors.  Let’s be prepared to act like it.  You may even want to carry some tracts or flyers with your church information on it – this is a great time to “rub elbows” with people in your community!

Enjoy snagging the swag while saving lots of money!  If you want, come back and post your best purchases!