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Here are a few ideas to jump-start your weekend activities:

  • These lands are your landsNovember 11-13 is the last 2011 free admission weekend for all National Park Service parks.  Click here to locate national parks near you, and go explore!  (Note that admission is waived, but fees for tours, activities, and camping may still be charged.)
  • At this time of year, many community groups begin to perform concerts and plays.  Check with your local chamber of commerce, newspaper, or board of education to find out when there are school concerts and plays, community theater productions, or community orchestra concerts planned for your area. (If you have a Tiger Cub Scout, this also counts as an Elective credit!)
  • This may not sound like great fun, but it has to be done… around here we are using this weekend to pack up the summer clothes and bring out the winter clothes.  At the same time, we are setting aside the clothes that are too small (there might even be a few in Mommy’s closet, ahem…) so that we can donate them.  This time of year, shelters are also looking for coat and blanket donations.  We are so blessed to have more than enough clothes – let’s be generous givers and share our blessings!
Leave a comment and let us know what you are up to!  Have a great weekend!