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It’s pretty late on this Monday evening, but I’m sure you understand that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned.  I think it was good that my post was delayed because I found a post that is much better than anything I could put together this week.  So here it is, from Kristin over at Couponing to Disney:


These are my 2 best secrets for staying organized when you use the internet to find and get deals:


Gmail. Seriously it’s the best email program there is. I have about 20 different Gmail accounts. Only about 5 I use on a regular basis. I have all 5 of those emails forwarded into my main Gmail account. This is great because I don’t have to go log into different accounts just to check my email.

My email address is CouponingtoDisney @gmail.com. (no space, but if you notice people putting a space when they share their email address online, it’s because spammers will find that email and start spamming it.) But here is the coolest and best thing about Gmail. You can insert a period anywhere in the email address and it still comes to your inbox! So my email is also C.ouponingtoDisney and C.o.uponingtoDisney and C.o.u.p.o.n.i.n.g.t.o.D.i.s.n.e.y.

So why would you need to do that? Well a lot of times I will go to sign up for a freebie and it will tell me I already have an account. To get around that I can sign up with my same email and just insert a period into it somewhere. I do this a lot because I am always forgetting my passwords! Why a freebie site would require a password with letters and numbers, capitalized and lower case with no numbers on the beginning or end of the password is beyond me. Like I can remember that!

Gmail also does filters and folders which help me to keep my inbox organized.


Evernote. This is a free software program that I have used for over 2 years. You can go here to download it. This is an awesome tool for couponers because it can help you keep those deals you want to do organized!

One thing that is awesome is that you can go in Evernote and create tags. I have them for all the stores I shop at. One is for Publix. So when I see a Publix deal online that I like I can highlight the text and right click and select it to clip into Evernote. Once in Evernote I add the Publix tag and later when I am making my list I don’t have to remember where that deal was because it’s already in Evernote.

I use this program all day long everyday. I can not say enough great things about it!

Thanks to Kristin over at Couponing to Disney for these great tips!  Check out her blog – she has lots of shopping deals and advice to help you get the most for your money… and save up for that special goal!  Let her know I sent you!

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