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My good friend Debbie over at Just Another 15 Minutes posted a challenge on her blog: to publicly give thanks for a specific aspect of our lives on each of the 30 days in November.  I am taking that challenge, and I hope you will join us!

Day 4 – I am thankful for music.

Musical Notes texture

Image by *nacnud* via Flickr

Music is my second language.  I cannot remember a time when I didn’t know how to read music.  Some of my earliest childhood memories involve singing and pounding on the piano keyboard.  I was blessed to be taught by several amazing music teachers throughout my life, as I learned piano, clarinet, and voice.

God created music.  It is a universal language for a reason.  God created music so that we can worship Him in song.  Music is the soul’s language of expression.  God has gifted me with a desire to praise and worship Him with my musical talents.  That is why one of my favorite modern worship songs is “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever.”  I am looking forward to eternity in Heaven, when I can spend forever using music to worship my Creator.