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Monday, Monday – so good to me…  I hope that this Monday is indeed good to all of us!  Besides the fact that today is October 31, it’s just another day full of challenges, little pleasures, and CANDY. ♥  The kids roaming the neighborhoods in search of treats are just a bonus! They are so cute and scary-cute in their costumes, mooching candy and snacks off of doting grown-ups.

But there is major melt-down potential, just as anytime fun and sugar coincide. Today’s Sanity Saver offers some tips for keeping the Trick-or-Treating fun for everyone.

For those giving out treats:  Decide on a game plan ahead of time.  How many pieces of candy will we give to each guest?  Will we offer an alternative for those who can’t have candy (i.e. diabetics or those with peanut allergies)? What will we do if we give out all our treats before the evening ends?

For those not giving out treats:  Turn off porch lights.  Close driveway/yard gates if you have them.  Lock screen/storm doors.  You may even want to post a little sign indicating in a nice way that you are not participating in the candy mayhem this year.  There is nothing wrong with choosing not to give out treats!

For those collecting the booty treats: Formulate your plan ahead of time and discuss the rules with your children before you head out for your evening.  How long will we stay out?  What is our route?  Discuss road, stranger, and candy safety rules.  Explain that Mom, Dad, or other supervising adults must inspect all candy and treats before the kids can eat any of it!  Review trick-or-treat manners: waiting patiently if there is a line; saying “Please” and “Thank You”; choosing not to whine or complain if something does not go exactly as planned; refraining from complaining if a host runs out of treats; no teasing younger children.  (The list goes on… feel free to share your own rules in the comments!)  Also decide how much candy each child can consume upon returning to the vehicle or home, and how much they will be allowed to eat in the days following Halloween.  Nip the temper tantrums and meltdowns in the bud!


Here’s our guy at a local Fall Festival we attended during the past weekend:

A.W. Halloween 2011

A.W. as a Civil War soldier - he left rifle and bedroll at home in favor of his trick-or-treat bucket.