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Here are some fun and rewarding things to do this weekend:

  • Select Chick-fil-a locations are hosting a Daddy Daughter Date Night on Saturday, October 15th, from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. You will need to make a reservation at your local restaurant in order to participate. The meals are not free, but there will be special treatment for those with a reservation. Go here to make your reservation.  (Thanks to Couponing to Disney and B’ham Bargain Mom for the info!)
  • Feeling claustrophobic?  Do you have boxes of photos and knick-knacks staring you in the face? Take time to sit down and sort through one box at a time – as a family.  I did this one night while we were all watching TV, and my son enjoyed looking at the pictures and memorabilia I fished out of the box.  Plus, I got rid of a good bit of junk that had been packed in that box along with the valuables… I am trying to clear out one box a week/weekend.  (Choose a pace that works with your schedule.  That way you don’t get frustrated because you won’t feel “behind.”)  And if you need help organizing the “keep” stuff, check these links out: Home Organization Tips from HGTV (for do-it-yourselfers) and Faithful Organizers (for those who need to hire professional organizers).
  • Lily, the newest muppet, whose family struggles to get enough to eat.Sesame Street recently joined in the fight against hunger when they introduced Lily, a new character whose family struggles to get enough food.  How you can help: Go through your pantry and pull out the non-perishable items that got shoved to the back.  Check expiration dates and throw out the unusable stuff.  Take the usable things that you don’t need to your local Food Bank.  The holidays are coming up, and there is always such a great need for food items this time of year.  Click here to find a Food Bank in your area. 
That’s all I have time to post this week….  We are going out of town for a family reunion this weekend, so I don’t have to worry about figuring out what to do.   Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!