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silver hair

I hope to age as gracefully as this woman appears to have done. - Image credit: Thinkstock

Yes, I am getting silver hair.  Some people say, “C’mon, it’s all really just gray.”  No, mine in fact is silver (and some white).  I know this because of the highly reflective – dare I say, shiny – quality of each piece that I pluck out of my scalp.

I make no attempt to hide it.  I do not plan to begin coloring my hair just to cover this physical sign of growing maturity.  In a way, I am looking forward to seeing how this gradual change in my hair color will affect my appearance.  It may (just maybe) improve my looks a little… who knows?  Who am I to fight against a natural process of aging?  Obviously, God made my body in such a way that I would begin to see these lovely silver strands with more and more regularity.  Don’t their very existence symbolize the blessings of my Lord in bringing me thus far through the mountaintops and valleys of life?

I predict the day when I will be proud of my silver badge of courage.

The silver-haired head is a crown of glory, If it is found in the way of righteousness. ~ Proverbs 16:31