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Walt Disney on prayer:

Every person has his own ideas of the act of praying for God’s guidance, tolerance, and mercy to fulfill his duties and responsibilities. My own concept of prayer is not as a plea for special favors nor as a quick palliation for wrongs knowingly committed. A prayer, it seems to me, implies a promise as well as a request; at the highest level, prayer not only is a supplication for strength and guidance, but also becomes an affirmation of life and thus a reverent praise of God.

I like Disney.  I like Walt Disney World.  I like Walt Disney.  I like Disney movies, Disney music, Disney merchandise, Disney food… well, I think you get the idea.  So, since Walt Disney World is celebrating its 40th birthday on Saturday, I thought I would share my favorite Walt Disney quote (above) and some of my favorite personal photos from our vacations at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Swiss Family Treehouse

Our family at the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (2006)

The boy meets the Big Cheese

A.W. meets the Mouse in Charge! (2007)

Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom park

One of my favorite photos of Cinderella Castle (2007)

A.W. loved steering the tea cups

A.W. loved "steering" the tea cups (2008)

Breakfast with Eeyore

A family tradition - breakfast with Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger, and Pooh at The Crystal Palace (2009)

on the boat to Magic Kingdom

A.W. and Mommy on the boat to Magic Kingdom (2010)

Sadly, there are no pictures to share from 2011…. For the first time in 18 years, I am not able to swing a trip to the World.  The thing is, several years ago it would be driving me crazy, and I would be scheming about ways to “make a trip work.”   Disney was more than a hobby to me, it was an obsession.  It was an idol.  I looked to anything Disney-related to make me happy.  I fantasized about trips to Disney World and listened non-stop to Disney music.  (Okay, I still listen to Disney music, but not as much as I used to!)

But God has changed my attitude about Disney, as He has changed my feelings about a lot of things in my life in recent years. I got tired of the longing, and the scheming, and the desperate attempts to satisfy my soul-hunger with man-made entertainment.  God revealed to me that I was setting Disney up as an idol in my life.  Once I repented of this, I asked God to do whatever He needed to do in order to get my priorities back in line.  So, not surprisingly, our trips to Walt Disney World have become less frequent.  But now I’m okay with that.  It makes the anticipation that much sweeter.  And when our next trip does come around – in 123 days or so – the moments will be more enjoyable and the memories more cherished because they will be in their proper place.  Not a God-replacement.  A God-given gift.